• Rank Higher In Google Search

    I can optimize your website to rank higher in Google's Search Results for specific search phrases/keywords and ultimately get your website more leads and sales.

  • Landing Pages

    The best way to grow traffic for your website is to generate specific landing pages that are targeting keywords to drive qualified traffic to your website. The main focus is always be to increase leads and get more conversions.

  • SEO Maintenance

    Making sure your website is constantly being re-optimized is extremely important. Google's algorithms are always changing and your competitors are likely optimizing their landing pages to rank higher than the pages you forget about. It is vital to keep on top of your website and always look at new ways to increase leads and convert more customers.


  • Setup & Integration

    I can help you setup your Google Analytics tracking on your website and can also create various goals to help you track your conversion.

  • Monitoring

    I will monitor your analytics and can also setup notifications to alert you if there are any fluctuations in traffic or goal conversions.

  • Analytics Reports

    I can create a custom Google Analytics dashboard or report that displays all the traffic and data that you actually want to see in a simple and easy to read layout. This can be scheduled to send automatically each week/month.


  • Setup

    I can setup your Google Search Console to ensure you site is being indexed correctly by Google's crawl bots. This is extremely important for new businesses wanting to get exposure in Google's Search Engine.

  • Monitoring

    I can monitor your Google Search Console to ensure any website errors are being actively fixed so this doesn't impact your website's ranking.


  • Setup

    I can setup your Google Business and make the necessary changes to your Google Business' information to ensure your customers can find all the necessary information when they search for your business.

  • Optimization

    Making sure your Google Business has been optimized correctly to ensure it is operating it is targeting customers in your target demographic is particularly important for Google Map impressions. I.e. when a customer is search for a service near them.

  • Posts

    I bet you didn't realise, but if you create a short post regularly on Google Business, this can actually help your website's traffic grow. I can create a short Google Business post to help you convert more customers, this works best with landing page generation.


The results you can expect from SEO varies with the amount of effort/work that is put into optimising the website for Google’s Search Engine.
​You can expect high quality results ​in a fast time frame if you request our SEO services.  For example, ​I largely focus on our clients when work is available, however after having some downtime available I rebuil​t my website. Putting a large focus on a few major search phrases (‘keywords’) I wanted to rank for;  I re-optimised ​this page fo​cussing mostly on the keywords “​SEO specialist” and “SEO services”. 
​This is an on-going process, constantly adding and changing content, however these are the results:

12 Months Starting Impressions

12 Months Final Impressions

12 Months Starting SEO Service Impressions

12 Months Final SEO Service Impressions